According to an insightful article in Inc. Magazine (April 2012 issue), business blogging is in decline (from 2010 to 2011), compared to the slow but steady growth of businesses on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Does that mean businesses no longer need to bother with blogging? In my opinion, no.

The reason is that while the likes of Twitter is great for status updates in 140 characters, and the likes of Facebook or Google+ offering great opportunities for building real-time communities, blogging is a social media channel that you host, and the content you create, you own.

Plus, blogging, say through platforms like WordPress, can be streamed automatically to your Facebook and Twitter on a scheduled or real-time basis. Therefore, you can expound deep insights with clear illustrations, diagrams, images and multimedia, on your business blog, and have excerpts streamed automatically to your social media channels for your growing communities to pick up and digest as they wish.

No doubt, blogging takes effort and time, and requires a business to assign advocates and evangelists to really keep at it. It is not something you would assign to a person who has no interest in writing and research, or worse, no patience and discipline. This platform requires you, the business owner or manager, to find the best candidates to front it, and to keep at it. The rewards will come later, in the form of establishing business expertise in the marketplace. It will take time, and effort. Don’t give up!