Recently, I was reading an industry magazine. The editors conducted a tiny experiment to show that even the best search engines can produce mediocre results (or even completely hilarious ones), especially when you type in a very common name.

What does that have to do with branding?

Imagine if you name your company or products with “me too” names. First, you would not be able to register those names as they could be too generic to be registered as trademarks, and second, you would be drowned in a flood of similarly named products and brands.

Just as the Internet domain registration craze has come and gone, we need to retain sanity when choosing names. Just because we want to stand out in the crowded space of many “me too” products, naming our products with unpronounceable and utterly weird names, would not make sense either.

Therefore, when you are naming the latest gadget or your new company, it is important to have names that are (1) unique, (2) pronounceable, (3) contextually cognitive, (4) memorable, (5) trademarkable, (6) emotive, and (7) short on letters and syllables. A name can invoke emotions, and create a personality that allows your imagination to take over. For example, does the name make you imagine the company to be professional? Does the name make you imagine a product to execute particular functions?

So, if you have named your product or company well, let’s hope that the next time you, a customer, a trade partner, etc, will find most of the links on search engines, pointing to you.