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Seamus Phan writes on everything related to marketing, including public relations (PR), publicity, branding, direct marketing, sales, event management, market research, and so on. Social media is included here, in so far as it is related to the practice of it.

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Public Relations? No, much more!

One of the largest PR firms renamed to make clear that it manages much more than Public Relations, and includes digital communications. That is necessary and wise.

Social media tools for different uses

How are you using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress, and so on? Do you use all the tools to show the same content, albeit packaged in different ways? Or would you rather exploit the benefits and strengths of each social media to the maximum?

Have a communications fire drill?

All too often, we see companies reacting (sometimes badly) to crises with last minute communication plans and panicky spokespersons. Since no company can predict or prevent potential crises, what needs to be done?

Social Media: Experiment or Strategy?

Social media is all the rage these days. At every cafe, every turn of the corner, in college, on the bus, practically anywhere, you can find someone on social media, tapping away on their smartphone or a tablet.

Mobile Apps for Marketing

Recently, some marketing folks were interviewed in a magazine on why mobile apps did not get the thumbs up as a marketing tool. Some of the opinions of these folks include: (1) many apps are “me too”, (2) many apps are ads and sales-centric, (3) managers are measuring successes on downloads and monetization.

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What’s in a name for a brand?

Recently, I was reading an industry magazine. The editors conducted a tiny experiment to show that even the best search engines can produce mediocre results (or even completely hilarious ones), especially when you type in a very common name.

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