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Seamus Phan writes on everything relating to hardware and software technologies, such as gadgets, cloud technologies, social media technologies, video technologies, medical equipment, etc – basically anything related to technology.


Macs I’ve owned

I have owned and/or used these Macs from 1986. The ones I loved a great deal included the Mac LC (my first purchased Mac for my startup design studio, all that I could afford really), the PowerBook Duo 2300c (one of the best imho, sadly stolen when my house was broken into), and the PowerBook Ti G4 (a classic, too bad the PowerPC architecture ran its course).

Seamus Phan

Cloud 100%? Not just yet?

Some of you might be persuaded that cloud computing is the be all and end all to computing and our data, and that the localized server and data repositories are going the way of the dinosaur soon.

Seamus Phan

Mobile or Web Apps?

Why not just develop for the phone? Why the Web?

Seamus Phan

Open Source

Why go Open Source when you have commercial apps?

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