The rise of “reality TV” has rallied some people to cheer meteoric rises, whether to fame, to wealth, or even the drastic and unhealthy means to slim down. But should we?

The reality is that the silent majority who laboriously brave on with discipline, tenacity, and grit, to achieve a sustainable and consistent success at any level, are often ignored by headline seekers. The everyday hero who consistently performs, may not make fancy headlines, but is the cornerstone of a sustainable future.

While there will always be stories of meteoric rises that may bring an occasional jolt to our days, let us not forget that there are countless others who inspire us every day, not with glitz or shock, but with disciplined consistency and persistence.

While there will be occasional quantum leap business or new technology breakthroughs that put a “wow” on or lips, let us not forget that there are countless other technologies that make the world tick and carry on without a hiccup.

While there will be superstars and billionaires who dazzle many with stellar performances on Wall Street or Broadway, let us not forget there are countless others who consistently and laboriously keep our streets safe, keep our environments clean, and make our days livable and pleasant.

It is not incredibly difficult to give a jolting and occasional performance, or to achieve monumental success for a flash, but it is incredibly difficult to keep performing, day in and day out, to deliver the consistent results with discipline, with grit, with empathy, and with passion.

Think of a martial artist. He would not be able to be a great martial artist if he merely relies on a “flash in a pan” delivery, or mere talent. He would train for decades. He would train consistently, surpassing all suffering and pain. He would contemplate to bring about an inner peace with himself, something only decades of humility, introspection, and empathy can bring. There is no short cut. There is no sudden brilliance.

In my opinion, discipline and perseverance keeps the world going, even if a brilliant flash now and then may entertain and inspire. Remember our everyday heroes.