Sometimes, the service from a supplier is so bad that there is no point giving them business. We are so glad this supplier is taking back our customer card.

We have a couple of local courier companies we use, simply because not all of them can serve our needs all the time.

There is one foreign-owned local courier company that we have used as a corporate customer for a while. But their service delivery is increasingly bad, to a point where one of our directors was told by a courier of theirs over the phone to basically go “f*** off.”

So because of their frequent lapses in service standards and atrocious customer “service”, we only used them as and when we had to, when the other suppliers ran out of people at certain points in time.

It was therefore, with great pleasure when I received a letter from this foreign-owned courier company:

“We regret to inform you that your Credit Term Corporate Account has been converted to Cash Account effective 1 July 2013, due to your monthly amount falling below the required threshold… Please kindly return the Customer Card upon our staff visiting you for the collection of the card.”

Wow! Good riddance. And have they wondered why we are giving most of our monthly business to their competitors? Through my email and our physical mailbox, I have many local courier companies fighting for our business and other companies’.

Local courier services is a human-centric business and also especially a logistics business. If your people behave like wild animals from the zoo, with service failures telling of a complete lack of a functional back-end system, don’t expect too much out of your customers then.

A business like this is not rocket science, but you do need good fired-up people with a good engine at the back of your office. If not, perhaps you, yes, you the executive, should try a different business altogether.

PS – Fortunately for many growing businesses like ours, there are decent folks who take great pains to serve our needs. Every one of us is here to make a living working hard. Kudos to fellow travelers on this business journey who think the same.