I am a motivational keynote speaker known for delivering powerful, inspiring, enriching, and thought-provoking speeches for CEOs, directors, and government officials. I combine 3 key areas that make unique speeches – senior executive experience, professional speaking expertise, and field journalism. I have been a professional member in the National Speakers Association USA for 10 years running, and was one of the pioneers in the local chapter (Asia Speakers Association, Singapore).

If you like me to spice up your client’s next seminar or training workshop, or to rejuvenate your client’s employees and managers, let me help make that event a success – and in turn, earn your friendship! Do note meeting planners will enjoy “meeting planners’ rates.”

I have been frequently engaged as a professional fee-based keynote presenter, motivational and inspirational speaker, meeting facilitator, Internet strategist, business consultant, executive coach and mentor, market and technology researcher, and curriculum developer. I am open to speaking and consulting throughout Asia Pacific (including Singapore), Australia, North America, and Europe.

Program Outlines

IntrinSelling™ Primer – Sales Training Workshops
We have developed corporate sales training programs since the 1990s, for multinational corporations and emerging companies alike. If your company needs a quick primer to inspire your salespeople, the IntrinSelling™ Primer is your fastest route to sales effectiveness, developed and trained by our lead trainer Seamus Phan:

  • Understanding the Behavior of Buying
  • Primal (Primary) versus Learned (Secondary) buying desires
  • 3-step Sales Cycle
  • Building credibility in a sales process
  • What is the Greatest Motivator?
  • Non-Verbal Communication in sales
  • Power of Mimicry
  • 3 Types of Customers and the Lingo
  • Case Studies

Leadership Zen (1 or 2 hours)
Short course to teach you how to become a powerfully INSPIRING business leader. Suited for CEOs, top managers, middle managers, and aspiring managers, who want to move beyond assigning tasks and mere motivation. Based on Seamus’ own experience as a business leader and thinker. Highly engaging, entertaining, with powerful game play. Still fighting tooth and nail with your competitors? Losing sleep over dropping sales figures? Losing top talents to your competitors? Not enough publicity and mindshare? Still believing in “The Art of War” and other war cries? There is a BETTER WAY to lead and manage your business, with Dot ZEN (based on the bestselling book at DotZen.com).

Building Media Relations (7 hours)
Full-day program to teach you how best to build trust, public relations and media coverage for your organization and yourself. Learn from the insider the tips, secrets, pitfalls, and successes!

Media Training Primer (2 hours)
Short program to teach you the basics of how best to be a media-savvy executive. If you are a spokesperson, and you need to handle tough questions in front of a media interview (TV, radio and print), this course is for you. Go “live” on TV with greater polish and confidence.

Jumpstart your PR with Social Media & Mobile Apps (1 or 2 hours)
Short course to teach you how to evaluate your brand equity and reputation, as well as your PR effectiveness. Learn how to tap the powers of the social and mobile technologies to brand and develop PR. Insider’s tips on how to build a compelling media-friendly newsroom, content outreach, social media, and mobilization.

Entrepreneurship or Intrapreneurship (1 or 2 hours)
Short course to teach you how to move from employee to entrepreneur of a dynamic and nimble service and knowledge business. Knowledge businesses are easier to set up if done right, and can offer long-term financial independence. Still fighting tooth and nail with your competitors? Losing sleep over dropping sales figures? Losing top talents to your competitors? Not enough publicity and mindshare? Still believing in “The Art of War” and other war cries? There is a BETTER WAY to lead and manage your business, with Dot ZEN (based on the bestselling book at www.DotZen.com).

Fight Fat and Stress LIVE (1 or 2 hours)
Like to reduce employee stress, and give them tips to get healthier (and thereby more productive)? The talks and programs are based on the bestselling “This Body This Life” book co-authored by Seamus Phan. Provide learners with the essentials of dieting, nutrition, fitness, and stress reduction. Motivational program based on the bestseller “This Body This Life”.

Knowledge Management Primer (2 to 4 hours)
Short course to teach you how to build an employee-friendly knowledge management (KM) and e-learning system. Discussion of available solutions, tips and pitfalls of building KM and e-learning systems, and knowledge contracts.

Persuade your way to the top! (1 day)
Provide executives with the knowledge and tactics of persuasion, a far superior form of “negotiation”. Traditional negotiation skills require a compromise, which does not result in a true Win/Win relationship, for both the seller and the buyer.

e-Government & Service Delivery (2 to 4 hours)
Short course for government agencies wishing to improve employee productivity, and increase customer service standards. With real world cases and scenarios, and tips from field consulting.

Briefs for customizable programs

Enlightened Service Quality Primer (6 hours)
Motivational and instructional program on how to implement Service Quality, together with an introduction to Product Quality (Zero Defect) and Process Quality (ISO 9000 style). Based on Seamus’ pioneering book on Enlightened Service Quality.

Doing Business in the New Economy Primer (2 days)
Provide executives with the essentials of business in the new social and mobile economy, with a broad overview of the lingo and techniques of business models, strategies, available technologies to create business-to-business (b2b) e-commerce systems, social media platforms and tools, and Internet security basics.

MAGIC Guerilla Sales Techniques (2 days)
Provide executives with the knowledge and tactics of selling to major accounts, using investigative selling and guerilla techniques adapted from the 350-year-old ancient Japanese classic “The Book of 5 Rings” by Miyamoto Musashi.

Strategic Thinking Enlightened Process (STEP) (2 days)
Provide executives with the knowledge and tactics of strategic thinking, based on an enhanced SWOT model, and wisdom from “The 3 Kingdoms” (a Chinese classic with military strategist Zhuge Liang). Dissect key business issues, develop answers, and present your answers logically and persuasively to your management or clients.

Before the program:

  • I will meet once to analyze needs, current problems/challenges, objectives, and to gather information about your organization (or your client’s). Phone, Skype or email communication can be arranged too.
  • I will help identify preferred seating, lighting, A/V requirements, in advance.
  • I will be easy to work with for travel and accommodation.

During the program:

  • I will interact with the audience and involve them, if the program format depends on it.
  • I will employ real-world examples, past experience, and multimedia, as much as possible within the context of the program.
  • I will stay within the time frame, and generally offer more than specified in time and/or content.
  • I understand that some circumstances may be beyond our control, and will adapt and be flexible.

After the program:

  • I will be happy to answer questions and interact with the audience.
  • I will encourage the audience to write in through email or keep in touch.
  • I will be happy to stay for book autographs, if books are available on site.
  • I will assist you in administering any evaluation of the program.
  • I will be active in follow-through actions when asked for, within the limits of the program.

Customers’ Compliments

  • “BIG thank you. You are really good and professional. I enjoyed especially the part where you interacted with the Keynote Speaker during Q&A. Cool!” – Emcee, large industry event.
  • “You’ve been such a captivating speaker and my clients have given me nothing but praises about your presentation. :-)” – Opening keynote, IT security event.
  • “Thank you for the very inspiring talk and for sharing your life story and experiences in business start-ups. Your audience was awed by your perseverance in pursuing your dreams.” – Keynote, career event.
  • “It was a pleasure having you, you were a wonderful presenter. I think your keynote was received very well and caused people to pause to ponder the ‘larger issues in life’. It’s always refreshing to know that there are beacons of truth and friends like you in the business world.” – Keynote, regional corporate travel conference.
  • “More interesting speakers like Seamus!” “Very informative, knowledgeable and interesting!” “Great speaker! Lively, interesting and enjoyable!” “His speech was exciting!” “Excellent!” – Keynote, government-led IT conference.
  • “Wonderful talk! Very enlightening!” – Keynote, tech & branding event.
  • “Excellent facilitation!” “Really cool facilitation!” “You did a really great job!” – Facilitator, government-led industry brainstorming event.
  • “Very impressive moderation of the session!” “You did a great job!” – Facilitator, closed-door government-led CEO event.
  • “Your presentation was great! Very interesting illustrations! The gameshow you led was highly commendable!” – Keynote & gameshow host, government-led conference (400+ people).
  • “Excellent! Very interesting and informative! Well done, Seamus, for transforming a dry IT topic into an interesting session!” – Speaker, regional PR conference.
  • “Great success! The audience just love your session!” – Keynote, eGov seminar.
  • “Our privilege to have you. Thoroughly enjoyed your session.” – Highest rated speaker at a government-led IT seminar (350+ people).
  • “Most impressed with your professional presentation, interesting content and captivating delivery.” – Keynote, national banking security & risk seminar.
  • ” Excellent! Great presentation!” – Keynote, IT symposium (1,000+ people).
  • “Excellent in presentation and moderation!” – Moderator, IT conference.
  • “Brilliant and informative!” – Keynote, regional Incentive Travel event (400+ people).
  • “Excellent and impactful presentation!” – Keynote, administrators conference.
  • “Excellent in both presentation and content!” – Speaker, IT conference.

Profile for Meeting Planners below:

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