We chat about the GoPano Micro, the iPICS 2 GO and the LP 2 Go.

GoPano Micro
One of the best 360-degree panorama tools on the go, for the iPhone®. It comes with a custom casing to attach the vertically mounted special mirror, which forms the 360-degree image onto the iPhone® camera lens. Very cool, very light, affordable, and captures not just a still 360-degree panorama, but a 360-degree panorama VIDEO with sound! Absolutely stunning effect (requires plugin). Visit Site.

A niche device that converts images from prints, slides, and negatives for the iPhone 4/4S. Great for many of us who have a huge collection of prints or slides from yesteryears, perhaps nostalgic memories that deserve archival via a quick and efficient tool. Visit Site.

LP 2 Go
This diminutive USB turntable is for those of us who lived in the era of vinyl. This portable tool is compact, battery powered, and features a small speaker to play audio almost anywhere. Plus, you can connect the tool via USB to your Mac or PC and convert the music to MP3. Vinyl has a resurgent following, hurrah! Visit Site.

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