We chat about the Samsung Series 3 Chromebox, Nokia Lumia 900, and the WOWee One Slim.

Samsung Series 3 Chromebox
I have quite a few Mac Minis, and loved the small footprint (which reminds me of the antiquated NeXT slab from “eons” back – which I loved btw). But with the cloud computing paradigm closing in on us, it is not difficult to see Google Chrome OS appearing on hardware we would use. If you have used the Google Chrome web browser, you would find the Chrome OS environment familiar, since the Chromebox runs web apps. The caveat is that unlike your regular workstation or laptop, the Chromebox (or the laptop equivalent Chromebook) would require an Internet connectivity. The good thing is that the Chromebox boots very fast, and you can get most of the usual office producitivity, communication and social media you would expect with a full-fledged computer. The Chromebox makes a great thin client in an educational facility, kiosk applications, or anyone requiring a simple computer, as long as bandwidth is available. Visit site.

Nokia Lumia 900
OK, so Windows Phone 7.5 is a kind of a dead end (you can’t upgrade to Windows Phone 8 when it arrives). Still, v7.5 isn’t bad. In fact, imho, I find the Windows Phone 7.x interface one of the cleanest UI I have seen on a smartphone (yes, compared to iOS and Android). The caveat is for developers like myself though, who works on a Mac. There just isn’t a simple SDK for me to develop the elegant WP7 (or 8) apps on my Mac, yet. A great autofocus 8MP main camera with Carl Zeiss lens with 720p video capability, a 1MP front-facing camera, 8 hours talk time, 4.3″ AMOLED ClearBack touchscreen, WiFi (b/g/n), 3G, DLNA, Bluetooth, GPS. The usual goodies in a sleek little device. Visit site.

WOWee One Slim portable speaker
Good music can be shared, and especially if you aren’t disturbing anybody. If you need music to be shared with a few friends in your room, a little cosy studio, or relaxing to music in your own office room, the WOWee One Slim portable speaker with 1 cone speaker and 1 driver offering 2W RMS and 40Hz to 20kHz response, might be your thing. It works with the typical iOS device, smartphones, and other MP3/3 playback device via the standard 3.5mm audio jack. The rechargeable battery is said to work up to 10 hours, more than sufficient battery juice to last you through a long house party. Great design too. Visit site.

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