We chat about the Shure VP83F, Panasonic Lumix G6, and the Mogopod.

20130617_shure_vp83fShure VP83F Lens Hopper microphone
Recording sound for video is always more challenging, compared to simply shooting silent video. External audio recorders are cumblesome to shoot with in conjunction with a HD video-capable camera, and you need to use software to synchronize the externally acquired audio with the video you acquired. Unlike most directional (shotgun) microphones made for HD DSLR and mirrorless cameras, the Shure VP83F features internal recording with a removable microSD card, as well as a headphone jack. For cameras that lack a headphone jack to monitor sound “live”, the Shure VP83F is ideal for onboard recording for archival, and real-time audio monitoring. Visit shure.com.

20130617_lumixg6Panasonic Lumix G6
The Panasonic Lumix GH3 is an excellent mirrorless camera for videography, with all the right controls where you need them, and enough battery power to last through a good day of shooting (especially if you have the optional battery grip). For those who prefer the G series, Panasonic has launched a very capable G6 as well, with good still and video features. The G6 has the heart of the previous GH2, and a styling that is professional and pleasant to hold and use. Visit panasonic.net.

20130617_mogopodiFootage Mogopod
Not all video work requires a heavy-duty video tripod. Sometimes a videographer on the go can use a portable video monopod, especially if the camera has image stabilization (either in-body, or in-lens). The Mogopod is a unique video monopod with a modular approach, with a ball head, tripod legs, and an easily extensible monopod. You can use it a a pure monopod with the ball head mounted on top, or with the ball head and tripod legs at the bottom, allowing more stabilization. With the ball head and tripod legs at the bottom, you can do some unique panning or zooming shots. Because the Mogopod is modular and quite compact, you can use it as a light stand for video or still lighting, or as a microphone stand. Visit ifootage.com.

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