We chat about the Stormfly and the DashDrive Air.

Yet another Linux on a stick, the Stormfly has a consumer-friendly design that is like a colorful and flexible wristband that unfolds and plugs into a 64-bit Mac or PC, and bypasses the resident storage on your computer. There is also a version for business (Stormfly Ultra) that comes in a hard disk or a solid state drive (SSD) variant. The Stormfly is great for those who like to use a computer as a guest without the need for configuring a guest account (just a reboot will do), or for those who need secure computing on the road. Visit www.nowcomputing.com.

20130324_dashdriveairDashDrive Air AE400
The DashDrive Air AE400 from ADATA is a wireless access point (AP), a portable 5,000 mAh power bank, and a USB and SD reader (up to SDXC). As a USB reader, you can plug in a SDXC card or a typical USB drive into the DashDrive Air, and wirelessly transfer files with mobile devices and laptops. The device can work in bridge or base station mode, providing 802.11b/g/n wireless access to up to 10 devices. Visit www.adata-group.com.

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