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Gadgets Brief – November 2012


We chat about the Swivl, Teradek Cube, and the Olympus 15mm F8 BCL for MFT.

This is a great product for educators like us, whether in corporate or education settings. The Swivl has 2 parts, one small part is carried on the presenter/educator, and the other is a swivel base solution attached to your iPhone. As the presenter moves left to right, the Swivl will track the presenter wearing the wireless dongle and record video and audio. For speakers and educators, this is a simple and elegant solution to record presentations and speeches for later use. Visit

Teradek Cube
Live video streaming is becoming an important asset to communicators, internal or external. With live video, there is no post-production involved and reduces resource needs at the back-end. However, live video streaming is an esoteric science in itself and requires extensive knowledge in CDNs (content delivery networks) and proprietary streaming platforms, a lot more than simply shooting video footage itself. The Teradek Cube is a great solution once you understand how best to configure it for your streaming platform. The Cube works best with an additional battery pack for longer recording/streaming sessions, as well as WiFi over a broad bandwidth pipe rather than over cellular networks. There are HDMI and HD-SDI versions available. We like this product very much and use the HDMI version in our own production scenarios. Visit

Olympus MFT 15mm F8 Body Cap Lens (BCL)
This is a strange novelty lens from Olympus, a departure from the usual Olympus MFT (micro four third) lenses we use and own. However, it is sold as a body cap for the Olympus MFT camera, as well as being a 15mm (30mm equivalent on the 35mm format) fixed F8 lens. The images are fun and dreamy, akin to some images taken from mobile phones. Very affordable and a fun addition to the MFT system. Visit

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