May the dust of the year settle far behind you,
With dreams shining and aspirations renewed.

May the exhaustion of the year be a distant memory,
With every step in the next abundant with energy.

May every disappointment of the year be forgotten,
With a horizon of joyful blossoms in succession.

And may every plan and hope you wish in the new year,
Bring timely success, certain health and good cheer.

A most blessed 2014 to all!

Seamus Phan has 33 years of professional experience. Polymath Problem-Solver & Strategist – Leadership, Cybersecurity, Branding, Crisis, Scientist, Artist, Author, Aviation, and Theologian. Some articles are reproduced at McGallen & Bolden, where he is CTO and Head of Content. Connect on LinkedIn. ©1984-2020. All rights reserved.