Moving my vlog to Vimeo

Moving my vlog to Vimeo
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I have done some wonderful videography and filmmaking, and hosted them on a website, but life is getting busier, and perhaps it is time to port the vlog to vimeo instead. vlog vlog

I have always used Vimeo as my back-up platform, while we use the professional Wistia platform as our mainstay for client video hosting.

However, I find that Wistia is getting flaky, and embedding videos within my website is just much more cumbersome compared to YouTube or Vimeo. Sad, but life goes on.

And because of my aviation interest, my painting, and of course, my full-time consulting work at McGallen & Bolden, and still having a life outside all these, it is perhaps time to streamline my video commitments.

I will still continue to do client videography as part of retained publicity and digital marketing programs. And no, I am not keen to pursue non-retained film or video projects unless you are paying serious dollars. I will do a lot less vlogging, but will continue to write.

So, instead of visiting my platform, you can now visit my Vimeo channel at

And who knows? Life takes its own unexpected turns, and meander as it likes. Let's take this vlogging project a step at a time shall we?

PS - I shall keep up for a while, and then merge the domain with, the agency's online newsroom.

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