As we strived, toiled, and soldiered through,
This year that left some of us breathless,
Let us greet our worries and pains adieu,
And may your holidays be warm and precious.

When the chime of the new year tinkles our ears,
And animate the machinery of our lives again,
Let us greet the year with courage and cheers,
And may your new year be abundant and remain.

– by Seamus Phan

Seamus Phan has 32 years of professional experience. He is a professional speaker, marketing and branding consultant, creative director, book author, technologist, artist, and aviation enthusiast. Some of his blog articles are reproduced at McGallen & Bolden, where he is the CTO and Head of Content. Connect on LinkedIn. ©1984-2018 Seamus Phan. All rights reserved.