Life is unpredictable, and you are never sure what will happen, or when. So, if you have just one hour of life left, what would you choose to do?

Macabre it may sound, the question is real. All too often, we are cavalier about the time we have left. So what if we are certain we have one hour left, what would we choose to do?

Some of us may choose to fill a “bucket list” of wishes and tick off as many as possible within the confines of distance, time, and budget. It could mean even getting to the airport and then simply booking the most expensive ticket off in an airplane bound for the most exotic city in the world. It may mean going off to do something we may never have done, could never have done. It may mean something seemingly mundane, such as cooking up a feast for the family. Since theoretically we will only have a timer of one hour, we will likely not finish what we set out to do, but we would have started doing them, and finding the peace that we have tried.

It is a philosophical question. In the madness and the rush we go through everyday, rushing to work, rushing the projects through the day, and rushing to get home after a long day, and then repeating the cycle all over again, do we pause and think about life itself?

We can all do with a short (or longer) pause now and then. There is beauty in stillness. There we find what we need, and what we seek, all along. To me, it is where I seek God. For you, it may be another facet only you can define. And if you haven’t found that stillness, keep trying, keep looking. It is a gem that once you have found it, you will have a lifelong tango with it.

So, would you have time to think about life itself, if at least philosophically over an hour, or a few minutes, to think what you would do if you just had an hour? Who knows, you might find something incredibly enlightening that breaks the mould you have been conformed to all along, and gift you with liberty.