Why go Open Source when you have commercial apps?

I have been a geek and programmer all my life, starting with the TRS-80 and BASIC in those early days, and then going towards FORTRAN, C, Java, HTML, Javascript, Perl, PHP, and now, mobile app development using Xcode, Corona and Appcelerator Titanium.

I have used the TRS-80, Apple II, IBM XT, Mac Plus, and thereafter, all manners of Macs right up to now. However, I have been exploring Open Source for quite a while now, and now I am seriously looking at Xubuntu, Macbuntu and Linux Mint (flavors of the popular Ubuntu Linux). Open source operating systems and applications make sense, given the wide technical knowledge openly available out there, the availability of decent quality software, and the ability to be untethered to any hardware platform (usually that means being able to purchase affordable and replaceable hardware).

Here are some open source apps you can consider if you are migrating:

  • GnuCash (Finance, like Quicken)
  • OpenERP (Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP)
  • Blender (3D modeling, shading, animating, rendering & composition)
  • Evolution Email (email, calendar, tasks & address book)
  • Arora Web Browser (webkit-based)
  • Audacity (audio file editing)
  • GIMP (image editing, like Adobe Photoshop)
  • Inkscape (vector graphics editing, like Adobe Illustrator or Freehand)
  • F-Spot (image & photo management, a little like Lightroom)
  • Abiword (word processor, like MS Word)
  • Scribus (desktop publishing, like Quark Xpress)
  • Gnumeric (spreadsheet and analysis, like MS Excel)
  • LibreOffice (office productivity suite, like MS Office)

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