Many years back, I bought the LG Chocolate mobile phone. More recently, I bought the Fujifilm X100 camera. What made these 2 products stand out?

It has to do with the “out of box” experience.

When you open the packaging of the LG Chocolate phone and the Fujifilm X100 camera, you are wowed by the luxurious feel and colors of the packaging. When you open the packaging of one of these products, you really feel that you are unwrapping a beautiful gift from a loved one.

Conversely, many top U.S. brands, including Apple, have simplified their packaging and removed or reduced the “wow” from opening up the products and the packaging. While simplification is often a good thing, the commoditized nature of many consumer products means that it will get more challenging to entice and excite consumers BEFORE these products are unwrapped and actually used.

While packaging costs money for sure, consumers must not feel as if they are paying a premium just for packaging. The products should outperform equivalent products, so that you feel “wowed”. Otherwise, they will feel that they are merely paying for a “me-too” product at elevated prices.

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