You may notice I have not blogged for a while now. But I have been busy at work, flying, and picking up my paint brushes again. And I am glad there is traction and many friends came forward to encourage my paintings and urged me to go commercial. Perhaps in time.

Nanyang Academy of Fine Art (NAFA), St Thomas Walk campus, 1978I have always been an artist. I have a liberal and free-form artistic expression (寫意派), and my medium is Chinese ink or brush painting (水墨畫). I have also dabbled with pottery, using a potter’s wheel and also free-form sculpting. I graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art (NAFA) at its old campus at Saint Thomas Walk in 1979 – I was the youngest student in the class then (source).

Japanese disposable pre-inked brush pens (Chinese painting, brush painting, ink painting, fine art, 水墨畫, 彩墨畫, 中國畫, 國畫)I was caught up with work and business for such a long time, I stopped painting altogether for more than 36 years. However, I managed to get back painting again, using simple disposable pre-inked Japanese calligraphy brush pens and sketchbooks, instead of the traditional Chinese brushes, ground ink and cotton paper. Here are some recent sketches.

So, if you like a commissioned piece for your desk, or a framed piece, let me know and perhaps we can have a chat. And yes, I will write again soon.