Have you noticed how the archaic ways of marketing and selling are losing more prospects and customers than ever before? For example, people dislike the lingo of “new”, “clearance sale”, “guaranteed”, “best-of-breed”, “leading”, etc.

Editors are already filtering out all these words in those news releases marketers and PR practitioners send out plastered to the brim wwith these words. Likewise, consumers are empowered and knowledgeable these days, and much more discerning than simply accepting whatever marketers hurl at them. So what can communicators and marketers do to continue to engage consumers?

1) Whisper gently. The social media platform has shown that consumers own the new media, and they are no longer beholden to monolithic media platforms. Speak gently like you would to a friend, or a beloved elder.

2) Speak truthfully. Again, the empowered consumers are examining all available information sources, and not just what marketers want to say. Therefore, if there are flaws, say so. If there are good points, state factually.

3) Communicate creatively. The new generation are not interested in verbose expressions that are more suitable for academic theses. Wow them with multimedia, impactful videos, and viral marketing. Their attention span will be short, so make it the best “elevator pitch” you can!

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