Once upon a time, a young man asked his parents if  he could leave home and become a Tibetan Buddhist ordained monk. The top gurus of a Tibetan Buddhist sect saw this young man’s potential as a future religious teacher. At the age of 18, that young man already consumed the entire Mahayana Buddhist canon, was practising daily, waking up at 4am every morning to pray, was a vegan, and was adept in meditation.

The young man’s parents refused, expecting their kid to excel in the corporate world. That religious door closed.

The young man then served mandatory national service, initially serving briefly as the runner for the commanding officer of one of the few elite troops, the Guards (some consider to be the equivalent of USMC).

When army service ended, the young man emerged at the worst recession in the 1980s. Application after application, phone call after phone call, all ended up as disappointments. The young man kept going.

Eventually, his life’s puzzle took form as God’s Hand led. The young man changed course from chemistry to computing, jumped through various exciting jobs in computing and consulting.

But in 2004, after a smooth career and a doctorate, his life was thrown into the abyss again. The young man was no longer young, and thought of leaving where he was, and even thought of ending all. But God showed Himself, and the man was led to serve some Christian clergy serving humanitarian causes in Africa and Haiti, which led him to becoming a seminarian, and eventually, his embrace of Christ as an Orthodox Christian.

God, truly saves the wretched, and works in mysterious ways (Isaiah 55:8-9).