Facebook just announced that its algorithm has gone through (yet another) change, where it pendulums back to its old days of giving more precedence to posts by friends and families, instead of brands and publishers.

This is nothing new. Facebook, like all other social media, needs to monetize. This is exceptionally true for all public listed entities.

This means that if you are not contributing to the bottomline profits of a social media, you are a product, or a tiny peg of its product.

Up your spending

So if you are a brand, or a publisher, you know that you need to pump up your advertising expenditure if you intend to continue your Facebook journey (or any other social media by the same token). All your previous content strategies have been relegated to be supportive of your advertising strategy.

Is it necessarily a bad thing? Maybe not.

It just means that it is a more straightforward strategy with less guesswork. With your agency, you can now determine your advertising budget, your media strategy, and then the creatives to get people interested. Nothing much has changed if you were to think “old school”. Your agency will be able to help you think up more creative implementations again, this time on a social network instead of television or magazines.

Think holistic

And please, don’t treat Facebook or any social network as just a billboard to plaster tons of boring, promotional “content”. Even if you were to pump in extra advertising, such “content” will bore your intended audiences, and go to waste. You still need to be innovative, creative, inventive. If your internal pool of talent is insufficient, get help.

Facebook does favor video content. So think motion video too. It is hard work, but very useful in your social network marketing strategy.

Lastly, and seriously important, is that never zoom in to one single medium for your marketing and branding strategies. Marketing and branding demands a holistic application, and should be multi-channel, to reach out to diverse audiences. Facebook is a channel, but you should also look at other social media channels, and traditional channels such as events and other media as long as they still can serve your goals.