How are you using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress, and so on? Do you use all the tools to show the same content, albeit packaged in different ways? Or would you rather exploit the benefits and strengths of each social media to the maximum?

Let’s assume you have a self-hosted WordPress website, that has lots of editorial content, with image galleries and other audio-visual content in a nicely managed content management system (CMS). You maintain a YouTube channel for your videos to allow your stakeholders to view and comment. You also keep a Twitter account and a Facebook fan page.

Rather than replicating the content from your WordPress website to your Twitter and Facebook fan page, which would simply turn your social media channels into mere “replicant RSS feeds”, you could use each social media channel to your maximum benefit.

For example, your Facebook fan page can be a highly engaging social media channel to feature Tabbed apps for promotions and contests. The wall can be a great place for your stakeholders to share and chat. Likewise, your Twitter channel can be a great and speedy place for your stakeholders to share short spurts of inspiration, links of interest, or to engage each other in succinct manners.

Learn the benefits and strengths of each social media tool. Each of them present a plate of its own specialty, and can be used to boister your social marketing campaigns in complementary, rather than replicated ways. When in doubt, ask. 🙂

Copyright(c) 2011 Seamus Phan. All rights reserved.