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Seamus Phan, keynote speaker, APATS (Asia Pacific Training Symposium), Singapore

Leadership training for aviation

After spending the entire year so far laboring together, Capt Michael Caston and I are proud to announce two training programs specifically for the aviation industry – Servant Leadership for Aviation, and Customized Interactive Training for Aviation.

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Danger sign

Saying sorry and crisis communication

When it comes to a crisis that demands an apology, the hackneyed responses that I have read, heard or seen in many such occasions, are often criticized and ridiculed. It is not difficult to see why.

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lens blower

Consumers and the rationalization of brands

Some marketers were commenting and lamenting that brand loyalty is fading these days, and that it is more and more an uphill climb to build and sustain brands. I concur.

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Less spin, more facts, more heart

Some people may imagine that public relations practitioners are just people who spin beautiful tales. Public relations is never that, and has always been about the long haul.

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pottery kiln

Skilled potters and effective communication

If you have an important task, such as needing a spokesperson to evangelize your product, or a salesperson to close an important big sale, or a surgeon to operate on a life-threatening ailment, who would you choose?

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PR is hard work, and worth everything

Some people seem to imagine that public relations (PR) is glamorous and easy. They have no idea that PR is hard work, and often, many would move on to other things after some time. So why would people still work in PR?

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