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stethoscope for physicians

Running the marathon against the COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19 has begun to look more like COVID-20, as it dominates and fuels much of the conversations on the mainstream media and social media as well. To you and I, leaders and business owners alike, this situation is unpleasant and leaves many unknowns. But some things are certain.

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Footsteps in snow

The meaning of life is simple. Are you brave enough to embrace it?

Apathy is a social ill that is increasingly pervasive. And yet, people are craving to find the meaning of life. What then, is the answer?

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stethoscope for physicians

Discernment and genuine charity

There is an increase in incidents of people who may prey on the compassion of people to get things or monies they don’t deserve. And yet, there are also people who truly deserve help in many ways. We need discernment.

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I need a cartridge, not a new printer

What happens when your frontline employees are completely ignorant of your products, and are only capable of sprouting nonsense? What do you do as a business owner?

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