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Martial arts and the path to leadership

In a world where instant material success is celebrated, even if such success is often short-lived, those of us who seek longevity and sustainability have always looked elsewhere.

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A lesson of courage from young baseball players

Courage is a gift, a gift that is hard earned, and comes with struggles, and a spirit of hardiness that stems from never giving up. Courage, belongs to everyone.

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Celebrate perseverance, not just meteoric rises

The rise of “reality TV” has rallied some people to cheer meteoric rises, whether to fame, to wealth, or even the drastic and unhealthy means to slim down. But should we?

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Wrestling control or staying afar

Is it wise to imagine that we can always wrestle control from others to serve our objectives, or should we discern who we should be close to?

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Humility against meaningless feuds

People are ruled by emotions, no matter what we imagine. Emotions are fearsome beasts that we try our best to keep under control, but they do raise their heads now and then. We cannot allow them to become uncontrollable.

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A martial artist and a leader

Some people look at martial arts and imagine it to be all action and strength. But martial arts is much more, and a true martial artist is a true leader.

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