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Battle of Thermopylae and 7 productivity tips

Added Slideshare (Jan 2021)! Remember King Leonidas and his 300 brave Spartans? We too, hope to rally employee productivity, in the midst of the worsening economy and escalating competition. We present some ideas for a more productive team at the workplace.

Leadership of my grandma and grandpa

Leadership in the frontlines of war – My grandma

Leadership as a philosophy and practice, is not unknown to me. I have learned about it first-hand, from the coat tails of two giants who braved real wars and real struggles in my life since I was a child - my grandparents.

You want “work-life balance”? It depends on you

It seems that some people do not realize that all of us have only 24 hours a day, and that things that ought to be done, will need to be done, regardless of our own individual desires.


Don’t let a few rejections depress our job search

It was around Christmas of 1984, and I was completing my national service in the army, and was to face the world in a few days. I was a high-school (what we call junior college here) dropout, with no university to go to, and no job in sight.

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Hiring an executive? Learn from Elder Dobri

Are you shortlisting candidates for an executive or senior role? The best way to gauge if you are hiring the right candidate is to see his people interactions.

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How I caught my career curveballs and bounced back

Careers are not linear tracks that we can plan to retirement. They often start to take on a life of their own against our best laid plans. How do we keep on track?

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