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7 tips for young job seekers

I have been there once, in the 1980s, facing the worst economic recession, with no credentials, no experience, and little skills. What should a newly minted graduate job seeker do to boost possibilities today?


See that young man helping someone? Recruit him!

What is the single most important attribute I would look for in an employee, contractor, or partner? No, it is not ambition, or even talent. It is something much closer to my heart.

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Stalking your consumers in a shop – don’t

Have you been to a shop where the retail assistants would tail you around the shop, so much so that you end up walking out of the shop really fast?

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Abrasive energy or benign diplomacy?

If you are looking for a candidate at your department or company, would you prefer a candidate with raw energy, or someone with tactfulness and EQ?

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