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Greetings for 2019, from Seamus

Have you labored through 2018,
And found it went all too vapid and fast?
Have you made a resolution or two,
And found them waft all away like dust?

Seamus Phan, artist and his tools - disposable pre-inked Japanese brush pens and a sketchbook

News – Launch of artistaviator.com

Asian artist Seamus Phan launches online gallery at artistaviator.com

Chinese painter uses Japanese brush pens and sketchbooks to paint on the road

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Home calling – calling home

When we wake in the dark hours
And prepare for the day’s labor,
Do you walk past the hundreds
Of sad soulless eyes,
And feel their stone cold hearts
And their lifeless paces around you?

When we retire from a long labor
And drag our exhausted bodies home,
Do you see the stream of moonlight
Illuminating our tiny cells,
Casting the shadows of the bars
Onto the cold cement floor of our cells?

When I look deep within
And think of the lighthouse shining far,
The drum roll of warm heartbeats
That beckon from a home far away,
Calling out to my nostalgia,
Drawing my heart ever closer,
And beckoning me to go home.


Conquer our limitations and thrive

What do successful athletes like professional golfer Stacy Lewis, Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt, Olympic swimmer Jenny Thompson, and pro tennis player James Blake have in common – besides their sporting successes?

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