Have YOU thought about retirement yet? No, I am NOT a financial adviser or anything related. I am NOT selling you anything. This is a philosophical and a pragmatic question.

For many of us, we may be in varying stages of planning for an eventual retirement, and also, thinking (or like some of us, have already thought of what we may do in our 70s and beyond). The needs of the future seem to be escalating, and people do seem to live longer. Some of us with “better” genes seem to have families who live far beyond the ordinary – I for one, have grandparents who live beyond 100, thank my Siberian roots perhaps.

So, what do we plan to do when we are beyond 70? Those in professional careers will need to plan for an exit (that is a realistic outcome as leadership positions need to be vacated for the young). What do you LIKE to do? Are those goals realistic? How do you stay mentally and physically fit? Will your future plans involve staying fit (mentally and physically) or do you have to set aside activities for those on top of a second career or business?

Hieromonk in Tolmacheva

Painting: Hieromonk in Tolmacheva

I have set aside time to rekindle my fine arts background (I was trained as a Chinese brush painting artist in my youth). I am learning about aviation. I am planning to expand my repertoire to include more languages (especially Russian, and to rekindle my Japanese and German). I am also planning to expand offerings to some favorable locales – all in good time as they would say.

My dad has a doctorate but has not be able to get a decent equitable job for decades (often due to the ageism prejudiced employers). He has kept learning though, which I admire a great deal. He even qualified as a security officer at his ripe old age of about 80 now. He is still reasonably fit (he was an athlete when he was younger and stayed fit). This is what I see as “kaizen 改善”, or continuous improvement, to stay relevant for the time and future. But is it something he LIKES to do? Probably not. But reality is reality.

The future will have many complex components that can derail your current plans, AI, automation, population disparity, political climates, career/business opportunities, developmental states, etc. Worth a long and continuing meditation on it.

Here’s an article that may spark some debate and meditation on your future, if you live till 100 or beyond.