The first time I stood on stage was 1977, when I spoke on Egyptian and Chinese history, and when I was a lead actor in a stage play, as a Japanese servant who thought he was poisoned. I also picked up some nerves to perform illusions before a live audience then. All those experiences made me love the stage for what it brought to people – entertainment and education.

And I continued from 1987, speaking and educating corporate audiences professionally. I have always loved the arts, and dabbled in classical music and then Chinese brush painting. My creative and artistic side, coupled with my decades of business and technology experience, became very useful to many clients.

As I slowly progressed and learned the journey of stagecraft and presentations, as well as developed customized training programs (both classroom training as well as web-based and e-learning programs) in human resource development (HRD) capacities for top international firms, including having developed a million-dollar training program for a top consulting firm when I was an employee.

After my corporate stint in manufacturing, computing, financial services, and professional services, I went independent as a trainer, speaker, facilitator and curriculum developer, and have developed customized training programs for training directors of multinational corporations, including Fortune 1000 corporations and Nasdaq-listed technology firms, where I designed, developed and delivered custom curriculum for e-business, sales, marketing, teambuilding, and so on.

New – “Leadership Secrets at 30,000 Feet” Workshops

I started taking lessons at the Flight Experience Singapore, learning how to pilot a Boeing 737NG through the facility’s realistic flight simulator, instructed by real commercial pilots. Flight Experience Singapore was founded by veteran pilot Captain Michael Caston, with over 40 years and 26,000 flight hours for British Airways and Singapore Airlines. Through the lessons, and passing License 2 at Flight Experience, I realized just how aviation and piloting best practices could be applied to business and leadership. Captain Caston initiated a discussion, and through some lively and creative meetings between us, and a new workshop was born – “Leadership Secrets at 30,000 Feet”. The workshop is highly experiential and hands-on, where CXOs, senior business leaders and managers, can be briefed on aviation best practices, and then apply these within the B737NG flight simulator, instructed by real pilots, and then synergize and integrate these time and field-proven ideas back at running their businesses, more effectively and more profitably.

Workshop Program
(4 hours, at Flight Experience Singapore, Singapore Flyer, 2nd floor)

  • Presentation
  • Pre-Simulator Briefing
  • Simulator session (Crew of 4, for a total group of 16)
    • Pre-flight briefing (SOPs, checklists, briefings)
    • Flight from A to B (Choice of departure/destination, day/night/weather)
    • Engine start (Taxi, take-off, minor problem solving)
    • Cruise (Problem solving, decision-making, teamwork, threats, errors, automation, etc)
    • Descent (Passenger handling, landing scenarios, etc)
  • Q&A

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IntrinSelling™ Primer – Sales Training Workshops

We have developed corporate sales training programs since the 1990s, for multinational corporations and emerging companies alike. If your company needs a quick primer to inspire your salespeople, the IntrinSelling™ Primer is your fastest route to sales effectiveness, developed and trained by our lead trainer Seamus Phan:

  • Understanding the Behavior of Buying
  • Primal (Primary) versus Learned (Secondary) buying desires
  • 3-step Sales Cycle
  • Building credibility in a sales process
  • What is the Greatest Motivator?
  • Non-Verbal Communication in sales
  • Power of Mimicry
  • 3 Types of Customers and the Lingo
  • Case Studies

Curriculum Development Expertise

PC150024s-a320vegasWhat I can do for you as a curriculum developer is a special blend of the following:

  • Field-proven corporate experience.
  • Proven speaking and facilitation experience.
  • Served very large corporations to startups.
  • Wealth of business, journalism, research, technology, marketing, and branding experience.
  • Culturally sensitive (East & West).
  • Expert in developing classroom training, interactive media, video training, and new media materials.

What can I help you develop?

  • Workshops of various duration.
  • Games and interactive exercises.
  • Case studies and discussions.
  • Historical case stories for illustration.
  • E-learning (Web-based, mobile, social media, etc)

You can choose to retain all rights, for a higher development fee; or choose to have the rights to use the program throughout your own organization, but cede ownership rights, for a much more affordable fee. I am very open and reasonable to requests.

So, if you need a curriculum development expert with a keen sense of audio-visual imagery, strong business, leadership and technology background, an adventurous spirit, as well as a fast turnaround time for a customized training program, let’s chat!

PowerPoint Presentation Coaching

Through the years, my classical art training, sense of visual imagery, and an acute appreciation for subtlety and context, earned my keynotes and speeches accolades as visually stimulating to audiences worldwide.

Now and then, many friends also called me to help refine their slides from PowerPoint, and to bring visual and audio stimulation to the forefront to help them reach out to their own audiences better.

A good presentation takes time and thought. Through the years, my own slides have evolved. The paradigm today is to have good stories, and have visually simple and yet arresting graphics for his presentations. Just as the “zen” concept embodies simplicity and clarity, much of the best presentations have to embrace SIMPLICITY and CLARITY to communicate your way to success.

If you need a presentation coach with a keen sense of visual imagery, a formal training in the classical arts, and business and technology environs, talk to me now!


I have rekindled my old love of visual imagery and began my little journey of creating business and technology infographics. Here are some examples.