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Tech & cybersecurity consultant + evangelist

Computer programmer since 1970s

My first encounter with computing and programming was when I was in junior school in the 1970s. My first computers were the Casio pocket computer, Radio Shack TRS-80 and Sinclair ZX Spectrum, and I learned BASIC on them. The TRS-80 was connected to a green monochrome monitor and we stored data on cassette tapes! I was eyeing also the TRS-80 Pocket Computer which resembled a calculator at that time.

Apple Macintosh Evangelist & Pioneer

Remember those beige Macs with small monochrome screens? I have used those early Macs in 1986, and have developed networked training software for technical training in factories, and customer service training software. The limitations of the small black-and-white screen was not a show-stopper for me, and I managed to compress and optimize graphics with image dithering, phone-quality audio, low-frame animation, and other specialized techniques, to bring animation and interactive media on the classic Macs.

For old and obsolete computers, visit, a really nostalgic and great resource.

Software Developer (WebDev, Mobile, FullStack)

1988 Seamus Phan, then in charge of publications at Asia Pacific Banking Institute, Citibank

Seamus Phan, multinational bank, 1988

I have progressively evolved with technology and kept pace with its many changes. I was also put in charge of a mainframe in a bank and took charge of desktop publishing (DTP) there. I design and develop websites (for B2B, B2C, e-learning, content outreach and SEO), web and mobile apps (hybrid and native), social media and associated apps, custom databases for media and publicity, Perl and PHP scripting, and OS X consulting.

I delivered a keynote at the Board of Commissioners of Currency Singapore (BCCS, Ministry of Finance) event to launch the website I developed for them in 1996. The website was cutting-edge at that time, showcasing Singapore currencies (dollars and coins), and various educational topics about the currencies.

I have had experience developing fullstack web apps, mobile apps, social media apps, e-commerce, as well as Apple Mac-based databases and apps.

Cybersecurity Consultant

NetJanus™ email security appliance co-developed by Seamus Phan in 2000

I co-developed with an Australian colleague, the NetJanus™ email security appliance based on the BSD UNIX platform, in a small form factor. Our efforts started from a frustration with the growing problem of email spam and attachment malware in incoming email (especially in spoofed emails). We developed various test platform workstations and servers in portable lightweight hardware profiles, and tested this at our location on a leased circuit and a large media/publishing company in those early years. This project has been depreciated.

Here’s a fun bit of history, on the tele, commenting on “browser wars”:

Technology Primer training

I am a hands-on geek who loves to tinker with technology, and if you like, I can transfer what I learned into a form that works for your business. My technology primer training programs are customized and delivered for clients I work with.

Tech Evangelism

I have a passion for technology, good ones especially. If you believe you have a product that has tremendous potential and traction in the market, and need a product advocate and evangelist, talk to me. If I am convinced of your product, I will be able to evangelize your product in the market, through stakeholder presentations, seminars, conferences, product launches, media events, etc.

I love ALL kinds of technologies – not just computers and software, including: