Tough Times, Great PR

The dot Zen series has a new cousin!

Tough Times, Great PR book

Tough Times, Great PR – dot Zen 3.0: Building brands and publicity for the 21st century

Brands large and small face the toughest times in the 21st century, with global pandemics and conflicts causing roadblocks and downturns. How then, can brands bootstrap to win in the war for branding and publicity?

Tough times call for tough measures, and these lessons can be good foundations to supplement any existing business large and emerging, and for new startups to learn from. Tough times call for tough measures, and these lessons can be good foundations to supplement businesses large and emerging.

Public relations (PR) builds brands, nurtures sales and opportunities, and protects the reputation of businesses. PR is a sustained effort nurtured by the C-suite, international communications and external specialist partners. Following the good reception of the two earlier Dot Zen books, this book continues a journey through the years of a global pandemic, trade wars and conflicts, with a three decades old PR and strategy consulting firm staying afloat and helping clients grow together through the crises with good publicity, brand building, and reputation management.

What were the lessons learned during these crises? How can we benefit from them to nurture and build brands for the long haul? This book serves as an anthology of easy-to-read pieces to stir the imagination with ideas for the C-suite executives and business leaders, peppered with calligraphy and little “Dot Zen Moment” thoughts throughout the book.

Table of contents

  • 4 key steps to harnessing public relations in a recession
  • Is your business ready for PR?
  • Engage your PR at the C-suite level
  • 3 critical tips for spokespersons
  • Is your C-suite merely non-player characters (NPC) in the media?
  • 5 crippling PR mistakes to avoid
  • Hunt for PR help only when a crisis hits?
  • Taking “journalese” out of our writing
  • Feeling let down by your media monitoring service?
  • Drilling down deeper into PR measurement
  • 4 critical tips for marketers facing a deep decline of the “influencer” industry
  • 5 critical crisis management and communication tips
  • 3 tips to build a brand in a crisis
  • Future of PR in the 21st century is the bottom line
  • Crises may not be what you think – be prepared
  • Don’t try to bury bad news on a Friday
  • Physics and the art of crisis management
  • Why all businesses need PR
  • 6 tips on handling difficult questions
  • Speak directly and simply for impact – avoid double negatives
  • The 5 Cs of speechwriting for the C-suite
  • Employer branding through PR
  • Recommendations for building lasting brands through heritage and tenure
  • Future of marketing may not be about personalization
  • Old brands – 7 tips on keeping a brand going
  • 4 tips to succeed in cookie-less marketing
  • 3 public relations (PR) recommendations post-crisis
  • Communications and human resources – synergy and separate
  • 5-prong CELLS™ approach to successful Asia Pacific market entry
  • What a simple word game can inspire us to do in marketing and PR
  • 6 Reasons Why PR is the best way to build brands and win customers
  • 4 ways to build social proof to boost your PR
  • Authentic social media to the rescue in a crisis
  • Beyond mainstream media pitching and going online
  • 8 recommendations for building your own in-house studio for audio and video
  • Digital resilience for communication
  • Digital tools for communicators
  • When tech goes down, the show must go on
  • 5 steps to create NFTs for brands and asset protection
  • 4 tips of AI prompt engineering for PR
  • E.S.G. your life to sanity

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