More than a trainer or a speaker ~ You get insight, vision, foresight, leadership, historical perspective, anecdotes, stories, and humor – all in a keynote speech or an executive session.

More than a tactical publicist ~ You get creative direction, field-proven strategy, cutting-edge ideas, to elevate your marketing and communication programs to a whole new level, exciting and engaging your customers and prospects.

More than a website designer ~ You get great content development, leadership insights, creative direction, sound technical expertise, to propel your Web, social media, and mobile strategies to so much more than mere billboards.

Hi! I am Seamus.

I was born in a hospital in Taipei, when the attending surgeon told my grandparents and my parents, that I might not make it. I was very premature in birth.

My physical challenges did not stop there. I didn’t die from birth, perhaps there was a fighting spirit hidden beneath that frail shell at that time. I grew up, still frail looking, and developed structural left lumbar scoliosis (with a 50% chance of disability), severe myopia, asthma, and allergies. However, I don’t believe life is meant to be wasted even if challenges come your way, and you can fight your way through. There is a reason behind every event in life. I found that through a disciplined life of diet, nutrition, contemplation and exercise, I could keep my physical challenges under control.

When I was in junior college, I spent way too much time on biochemistry research (on food lipids and autoxidation) and managed to drop out of junior college. I served my national service in the army and came out of the army confronted by the worst economic crisis then in the 1980s.

Today, I spend my time as a thinker and practitioner in business leadership, Internet, marketing, branding, and Asian philosophy. For like minds among clients, I’ve been happily sharing my experience in life’s many meandering turns, to inspire and educate people in my own unique and simple way.

I specialize in delivering inspiring, enriching, and thought-provoking speeches for business leaders. I tell stories. I share anecdotes. I meld 4 areas from my unique background together – senior executive experience, pioneering new economy Internet knowledge, professional speaking expertise, and journalism.


Gratefully, I have been inducted in the 500 Profiles in Excellence, humbly amongst the likes of Nobel Peace laureate President Kim Dae-Jung (Korea), artist Peter Gabriel, “Seven Years in Tibet” movie director Jean-Jacques Annaud, Cardinal Jan Peer Schotte (Sec-Gen of the World Synod of Bishops), and futurist Sir Arthur C Clarke. I was also a Barons 500 Leaders of the New Century inductee, humbly alongside the likes of leading futurist and visionary Sir Arthur C Clarke and Bill Gates of Microsoft. I have been a Professional Member in the prestigious National Speakers Association USA for 10 years.

Knowledge is my passion in life, and consequently I built only knowledge-based businesses. I was the first Asian to be honored as a top business owner and coach by Business Owners’ Idea Cafe, a web resource highly rated by Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Inc Magazine, Dow Jones, SF Chronicle and USA Today. I am a National Speakers Association (NSA) professional member, and was featured as a Brainstormer in Seth Godin’s eBook “BullMarket 2004” (featured on Fast Company). I have done extensive radio reporting and TV commentary work with stations such as TechTV, NewsRadio, Channel NewsAsia, and CNBC.

I have always loved writing, and have been a published author since 1995, and a blogger since the late 1990s. I co-authored with Hui Peng the book “Dot ZEN,” a leadership and entrepreneurship book aimed at small business owners, high-tech startups, knowledge entrepreneurs, and senior executives, to help them see a whole new way of managing marketing, publicity, public relations (PR), branding, human resources, entrepreneurship, and the use of the Internet, in a non-aggressive, enlightened manner. The book was based on 30 years of collective experience between us, when serving corporations and clients.

As a biotech and naturopathic philosopher with prior research, I co-authored with my brother CJ, an international physique champion, the bestselling “This Body This Life,” which was featured in national radio, newspapers, and magazines. The book featured our own personal philosophies and our daily walk with health, fitness, and nutrition. Have a browse at my books.

Seamus Phan speaking at the prestigious APATS 2016 (Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium)