The 419 scammers seem never to get tired of their tiresome and meaningless stories that nobody believes in. Why?

I am sure you still get one of those “advanced fee” or 419 scam emails, as long as your email is listed somewhere, since most of you are in some executive or corporate role, or have used a personal email address somewhere before.

The 419 scams are so dated, basically along the lines of a person claiming to be a banker or some custodian of a huge sum of money locked up somewhere, and some fellow has died, and that this “custodian” is willing to part the bulk of the funds with you, but you have to pay this scammer some “advanced fee” of some kind. Unless a person is incredibly foolish and greedy, no one in his sane mind would be fooled to imagine that a sum of hundreds of millions of dollars would come his way.

Even though such scams are common, well critiqued in the media and by the authorities, yet they keep propagating. And now, even the respected social media such as LinkedIn have these scammers’ profiles.

A giveaway is perhaps that these scammers can’t be bothered to create realistic-looking personal profiles, and generally have terrible English, unrealistically simplistic profiles, and little information.

Whenever a person whom I do not know, have little information in his or her profile, has suspicious job titles or roles (such as some governmental or financial positions), zero or few connections, I would have a mental “red flag” raised and immediately I would ignore or block this profile from ever contacting me again. I have no need for virtual money. I have no need for virtual connections.

These days, if we receive an email from a suspicious origin, the first thing we should do is to examine its full email headers, and NEVER click on any links within emails. My email app is always set to plain text and not to display HTML.

If we have administrative control over our email services, we can also block or ban malicious IP addresses, domains, or emails altogether from our networks.

As for social networks, simply ignore, block or even report the scammers whenever they arise. These malicious entities will never yield any real benefit to our lives.