Recently, we received a lot of candidate submissions during a recruitment drive. One particular entry stood out. His CV had a long list of webinars and seminars he attended, literally more than 30.

What is your stance of filling a position in your company? Getting a person you really need and want? Or fill the position and hope for the best?

Often, we imagine that the brand name lends some “aura” of protection against lapses in customer service. The reality is that each of our frontliners matter in customer engagements.

When I was developing networked and computer-based learning in the 1980s, the writing was already on the wall, that self-directed learning will become a mainstay at the workplace. And today, in the 21st century, that is still true.

One of the interesting topics that surfaced in the human resource arena is trust, consistently and even more frequently these days. It is understandable that employers and employees alike are talking about trust.