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Seamus Phan writes on Human capital areas, including human resource management (HRM), human resource development (HRD), recruitment, etc. Learning technologies such as web-based training (WBT), will be included in this category.


Employer-employee trust – It is a 2-way street

One of the interesting topics that surfaced in the human resource arena is trust, consistently and even more frequently these days. It is understandable that employers and employees alike are talking about trust.


Carpe diem, and not just your career

The water heater switch malfunctioned, and we needed an electrician to fix it. We found one and I took a morning off to wait for him. He turned out to be a most interesting individual I shared a good conversation with, while he switched out the damaged switch for the new one.


Human Resource management and social media

I remember in the great economic depression of the 1980s, after I came out from serving national service in the army, I was a school dropout with no tertiary institution to go to, and hungry looking for a job. Today, the recruitment scene is decidedly different. For one, I hardly see job applications in the mail as much, or at all.

Right fit for retail sales?

Working in a retail outlet is never easy, especially in the harsh economic climate we experience today. And yet, having an exemplary service attitude is mandatory for the survival of not only the retail outlet, but the career of the retail salesperson as well.

A job is not all fun and glamor

Some young job candidates came forward to demand quite many things: remuneration, perks, short hours, nice office, and most of all, that the jobs should be what they want, how they want it, mostly full of fun, social engagement, and glamor.

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