We chat about the Leica M-Monchrom, the Solidoodle 2, and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

Leica M-Monochrom
When I saw the preview of the new Leica M-Monochrom (along with the superlative Leica X2, the latest cousin to the earlier X1), I was trying hard to grapple with why Leica would launch only a monochrome camera, when everyone out there has been selling digital cameras that take ONLY full-color images. However, since Leica removed the color filters, the images are cleaner with much less noise, and do not need software algorithms to tweak or reduce image noise. Visit site.

Solidoodle 2
Everyone of us have used 2D printers, but a 3D printer? The Solidoodle 2 is a beautifully compact 3D printer using fused filament fabrication (FFF), or thermoplastic extrusion, to create 3-dimensional objects – not computer-generated art you can see only on your display, but real objects you can touch and hold in your hands. The Solidoodle 2 is truly a 3D printer that brings 3D printing to the masses. Visit site.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera
This is going to be an industry-changing little filmmaker’s camera, packing a respectable 2.5k image sensor, wide dynamic range, built-in SSD recorder, and compatibility with easily available EF (and ZE) lenses. It is not the 5k image resolution Red or Scarlet, but the Blackmagic is a marvelous revolution for empowering amateur (and serious) filmmakers alike. This is truly a tool to reckon with. Visit site.

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