We chat about the Foodbook and Alcatel One Touch Fire.

Foodbook is a unique product for the laptop, tablet and slim briefcase generation, where thick portfolio bags are out, and slim is in. Never mind if the Foodbook cannot keep an Asian lunch (rice, vegetables and soup). The Foodbook is for the sandwich lovers. It is a slim case with slim partitions, to keep the bread slices, ham slices, wrapped cheese, etc. Visit www.unikia.com.

201307_alcatelonetouchAlcatel One Touch Fire
Not everyone needs a cutting-edge smartphone, or hundreds of apps. For many, the ability to make phone calls, use basic email and messaging, browse the web occasionally, will be sufficient. The Alcatel One Touch Fire is one of the new generation phones that do not use Android, WP8, or iOS. It uses the Mozilla Firefox OS which is lightweight and easy to use for almost anyone. It has all the basic needed features, 3G, Wifi, basic camera, Bluetooth, and even have FM radio and GPS. Visit www.alcatelonetouch.com.

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