Everyone is not born equal, and what we are given, we make the best of it. There is no reason to sink in our own limitations, but to find every way possible to rise above them.
From history memorial to our contemporary society, we can find many inspirational people who braved their limitations, whether physical, material, or environmental, to fight tooth and nail to emerge as winners in their respective fields. Many of them went on to inspire others around them to pursue the same dreams, and realize them through hard work and tenacity.

Cosmonaut Colonel Yuri Gagarin

Cosmonaut Colonel Yuri Gagarin (from postcard)

One such person is Cosmonaut Colonel Yuri Gagarin, who became the first man to travel to space, on April 12, 1961, in the diminutive Vostok 1 spacecraft. he flew around Earth and parachuted back safely. The total trip took just 108 minutes, the shortest space travel in human history, but he made human history by being the first.

So what’s so special about Col. Gagarin? He was just 1.57 meters tall. His family was poor, and he took on various jobs, while training to be a cadet pilot in his teens. Eventually he was drafted in the Air Force, and out of many, was selected to be part of the Cosmonaut program. And the rest, we know as history. Col. Gagarin was fighting fit, and became a hero for many around the world, braving the risk of space travel, and reaching the summit of his field. Although he died an early death at the age of 34 from an air crash, his legacy is not forgotten.

In life, we are given gifts, each one of us. We are also given limitations and challenges to refine us. Every obstacle in life can be our blessing or our curse – we decide. If there is an obstacle, we find ways around the obstacle, reframe our perspectives, and find the best ways to reach our goals and dreams. We do not simply give up, or keep knocking at a stone wall of obstacles. We use every bit of our beings to find the best way forward, and hopefully bringing benefits to others around us.

The mountain is in our sights. We are near the foot of the mountain. What do we see? A mountain too far, too hard, and too high for us? Or a mountain which we relish to climb and reach the summit, and to walk on further beyond the mountain, where new adventures await?