It seems convenient to prepay a subscription to magazines or newspapers and then wait for them to appear in my mailbox every day, week, or month. But the reality is a little behind the idea.

Now and then, I would get mail in my postbox that are not meant for me, but for some of my neighbors. I would either slip these mail under the doors of my neighbors, or in their respective mailboxes.

Mail such as utility bills or even crossed cheques have no benefit to the wrong party, and usually people would return these mail to their owners.

However, I have had prepaid magazines not reach me. Therefore, they may have been delivered but perhaps to the wrong mailbox, or may not have been sent out (not impossible, but less likely).

It may just be a magazine costing a few dollars, but it is a tool for our business, to keep track of news clippings, and to observe some competition and trends. The fact that I prepaid only makes it less palatable, especially since if a magazine goes missing, we have to literally purchase it off the shelf with extra costs, a process that takes us out of relative comfort, and waste precious work hours.

There may be overseas magazine subscriptions that are prepaid, but those for me are often less for the daily grind, but for my research and reading pleasure. Those usually impair our daily business less, if at all.

Conversely, walking to the neighborhood convenience store, or occasionally dropping by the bookstore, and picking up these magazines, can be an enjoyable experience. Also, you immediately and assuredly get your fingers through the pages of the magazines you want. Getting off the office chair and walking as a form of exercise would not hurt either.

There is also a nice lady who labors every day and night to deliver the daily newspapers to offices, and she does a fantastic job. We appreciate and am grateful to her. It just makes sense to switch over any and all possible daily subscriptions over to her.