One of the largest PR firms renamed to make clear that it manages much more than Public Relations, and includes digital communications. That is necessary and wise.

When we started in the mid 1990s, we recognized then that communications for clients cannot be restricted to merely media relations, but needed quality internal communications as well. Since then, we not only focus on providing PR counsel to clients, but also provided Internet and website development, curriculum development, training, and human resource consulting for clients.

After all, every employee is a spokesperson and public representative for a company. An employee who understands what the company stands for, knows the company’s products well, knows just how to relay information to stakeholders and executives within the company when public or media queries emerge, will invariably ensure the continued success for such a company. Conversely, if an entire company’s employees are not knowledgeable and have no regard for public or media queries, will become a stumbling block to a company, whether the company faces a real world crisis or not.

And the landscape for communications keeps evolving. It is a challenge to keep pace, but it is not something that can be ignored.

Right now, since 2 years ago, clients began to enquire if we can provide social media and mobile application consulting. The tools and technologies are different from your average public relations arsenal, but the client requirement to reach out the the audience out there, is very much the same.

Therefore, we developed social media primer training programs for clients to understand the basics of social media and its relation to the greater marketing communication landscape. We have helped clients design, develop, and maintain social media channels. We have designed and deployed social media apps, web apps (HTML5 apps that are mobile friendly), and also native mobile apps for the iOS®, Android, Blackberry, and Nokia OVI. It is fortunate that our Internet web development background, which was mostly in handcoded HTML4, PHP and Perl scripting, continue to be useful in today’s social media and HTML5 world.

At the end of the day, we as communication strategists have to keep pace and keep ahead of the curve of technologies, strategies, social and market preferences. We need to continue to evolve, adapt, learn, re-learn, labor, and lead. It is what clients demand, and aspire to.