In our organizations or businesses, there will be diverse members on our teams. What kind of people do we have, and who do we need to get ahead in the journey? Decide.

I was watching an outdoor adventure reality show just now, and human nature always rises to the surface when facing sufficient adversity. Many of the participants braved on despite the rough and tough outdoors, and there will always be a few who would complain, become uncooperative, and even downright nasty to team members.

Likewise, in our organizations or businesses, we can never get homogeneity in our people. Human beings will always be different, even identical twins with superficially similar physical appearances.

Therefore, while many team members may be self-motivated and earnest learners, wishing to contribute to the overall success of teams and organizations, there will always be a few people who not only work against the corporate goals, but may actually become demoralizing or abusive to team members.

What then, should we, whether executives or business owners do?

Simple. It takes a single poisonous seed to render a whole bowl of soup that took hours to prepare, useless. It takes a few termites to completely erode a house and all its furniture down to the ground.

Do you think you can afford to keep the poisonous seed after having spent hours to lovingly prepare a bowl of soup that is meant to feed a whole family? Do you think you can afford to merrily feed those few termites to allow them to multiply at their explosive rate and render your family completely homeless? I didn’t think so.

In a business, the market waits for no one, especially against the speed at which new media and new business models are setting the scene for how everyone competes for the same customers. We need movers, who are all moving together in a tightly-knit combat unit, fending off our competition together. We don’t need enemies within.