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Mevo & Blue Microphone for video livestream

ZOOM? Mevo? I was already doing TV livestreaming in 2002!

In the COVID-19 crisis, we are seeing TV studios chatting with guests and even their anchors in their homes, as if seeing a sudden transformation of the TV and radio business within a matter of months in 2020. However, these are NOT new. I was doing it real-time, broadcasting “live” with my colleagues in California, many time zones and oceans away, in 2002!

lapel microphone

Handcrafted product anytime

In a world now dominated by mass-produced, robot-assembled, injection-moulded plastic products, it is always refreshing to find a handcrafted product somewhere.

Quick Look: Blue Nessie Microphone

A brief look at the Nessie microphone from Blue Microphones.

Quick Look: Blue Snowball microphone

A brief look at the Snowball USB microphone from Blue Microphones.

Quick Look: DXA DSLR Pro basic config

We run through a very basic configuration of the Beachtek DXA DSLR Pro with the Panasonic Lumix GH3 and a Sennheiser XLR microphone. This is shot on a LG smartphone.

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