We chat about the CAT B15 Smartphone and the Bonzart Ampel Digital TLR.

20130414_catphoneCAT® B15 Smartphone
I didn’t know Caterpillar, the industrial equipment giant, has smartphones. But it makes sense. The B15 is an Android 4.1 smartphone with standard industry features, but what differentiates it from the latest Android smartphones is that the B15 is rugged, IP67-certified to be dust-proof and waterproof (said to be up to 1 meter for 30 minutes, in their brochure). The exterior has an impact-resistant rubberized body with Corning’s Gorilla Glass screen with wet finger tracking, handy for outdoors and heavy-duty industrial environments (or I imagine even combat environments). Visit www.catphones.com.

20130414_bonzartampeltlrBonzart Ampel Digital TLR
Yes, it is a toy compared to the HD DSLRs and rangefinders we use today, and certainly far from the Yashicaflex, Rolleiflex and Mamiyaflex TLRs I used in the 1980s. But the Japanese Bonzart Ampel brings back fond memories for medium-format TLR users like me. It is not styled as classically like the Rollei MiniDigi (no longer available), but the sleek contemporary design of the Bonzart Ampel actually appeals to me. A mere 5-megapixel system, it features 2 lenses, a normal lens and a tilt-shift lens (so it is not really a TLR in the original sense), and has the LCD mounted on the top late with a hood, akin to the optical waist-level finder of real TLRs. Visit www.bonz.jp.

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