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Soaring above in a hot air balloon

Marketing is human engagement, not technology or data obsession

The recent Lenovo Superfish fiasco shows that marketing technology is no panacea. Some marketers seem persuaded that simply relying on things like “big data”, analytics, or third-party advertising platforms, will displace the need for more traditional means of reaching out to customers. Sadly, they are mistaken.


Chinese painting and what it means to marketing

I have been a trained Chinese painter since my teenage years, and increasingly, imho, there is some resonance between Chinese painting and the fields of branding and marketing. How?


Analytics? Useful, but don’t go overboard

Every marketer or client seem to dive into analytics these days. But to what extent should we lean on analytics?

HD filmmaking gear

Past, Present, Future, and Communications

There are 3 kinds of people. Some reminisce about the past. Some dream about the future. Some live in the present. What do all these have to do with communications?

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