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Footsteps in snow

Hiring an executive? Learn from Elder Dobri

Are you shortlisting candidates for an executive or senior role? The best way to gauge if you are hiring the right candidate is to see his people interactions.

Footsteps in snow

How an error can help a recruiter shortlist wisely

Have you used an online advertisement to recruit candidates for your own organization? Sometimes an error can prove to be a great way to find who to shortlist, and who to pass on.

Publish or perish for careers and businesses

What kind of public presence does a person have, may very well determine just how much sought after this person may be in the near term and beyond. The landscape of job and opportunity hunting is rapidly changing.


See that young man helping someone? Recruit him!

What is the single most important attribute I would look for in an employee, contractor, or partner? No, it is not ambition, or even talent. It is something much closer to my heart.

pottery kiln

Abrasive energy or benign diplomacy?

If you are looking for a candidate at your department or company, would you prefer a candidate with raw energy, or someone with tactfulness and EQ?


Human Resource management and social media

I remember in the great economic depression of the 1980s, after I came out from serving national service in the army, I was a school dropout with no tertiary institution to go to, and hungry looking for a job. Today, the recruitment scene is decidedly different. For one, I hardly see job applications in the mail as much, or at all.

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