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5 tips of choosing a website developer

Anyone these days can “design” a website, and make it pretty. But a website is so much more than just a pretty window to your business. It IS business itself. What should you look for when choosing a website developer?

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The Road Not Taken: Leaving science was my best career decision

I have always loved science, even as I was thoroughly loving art at the same time. You could say I have an ambidextrous mind, and I could love and juggle both science and art at the same time.


Security breaches and building own platforms

The recent security breach of one of the more prominent crowdfunding platforms, among many other prominent social media and commercial platforms breached, are becoming commonplace. So what does it mean for business owners and managers?


Reminder: Discard unsolicited emails with attachments

We are already flooded with spam emails, and certainly do not need unsolicited emails with unknown origins and dubious attachments.


Brute force hacking? No, be afraid of social engineering

Recently, a slew of security breaches were reported in mainstream and online media, of famous (and less famous) entities getting their online identities and web properties maliciously intruded upon. Should we sit up? You bet.

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