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We are never alone

We are never alone
by Seamus Phan

Eastern Orthodox Cross in ChurchListen to the sound of dripping raindrops,
What do we hear, but the sound of quietude.
Do we listen to the raging cries of hilltops,
Or do we hear but the rage of our attitude.

See the hazy sights stopping short ahead,
What do we see, but the sight of blindness.
Do we see the multitude of hearts that bled,
Or do we see the darkness of our coldness.

When we walked across the desert,
And when all we know falls apart;
When we lose ourselves in the forest,
And forgot our labors and our harvest;
Are we truly and utterly alone,
Or have we been never ever alone?

When the deafening silence surrounds us,
And when the piercing coldness pains us,
There alongside us, is the warmth of Christ,
He silently and quietly keeps us feisty,
He keeps us soldiering on, tender to our end,
He keeps us true, and humble to our very end.


Japanese temple grounds

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