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My grandparents - Grandpa 丁幼泉, army general, book author, professor, and grandma 王長慧, prominent parliamentarian, Taiwan

Leadership Tribute to my grandpa, army general and thinker

My grandpa passed away recently, peacefully and quietly he left. Yet, beneath all that quiet, was a giant who made a lasting impression in my life. Let me ask you first, who is a true leader to you, and what standards do you hold yourself to as a leader?

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Branding and the Art of Truth

In the geopolitical buildup we see in the news lately, one shiny example has emerged – that truth lasts longer as the tool to build a brand, rather than mere oratory skills or even deception.

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Success comes through the long-form

How many times have we seen success? How does it look like? Is it something that can be achieved overnight AND sustainable?

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Good life lessons from 2 cabbies

A cab journey sometimes, create a cozy space between two people to share a conversation over the journey, especially if it takes a while. I learned some interesting life lessons from 2 cabbies yesterday.

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Learning + Laboring = Life

I was watching cable TV just now. The Taiwanese cable TV channels are always entertaining, and most of all, enlightening. The program was on the issue of career challenges, especially in the case of unemployment.

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